Training Services - SharePoint

LeapThought provides Enterprise SharePoint Training services tailored to the unique needs and requirements of its customers. All training services are instructor lead with courses combining a balanced blend of both theory and hands on training based on real world solutions and knowledge. Each instructor has extensive real world experience and is still an active practitioner in their chosen field of expertise.

Our Enterprise SharePoint Training offerings include:

Advanced Infrastructure - SharePoint 2013

This course is for those are primarily responsible for architecting and deploying SharePoint 2013 in an enterprise environment. It goes beyond a simple SharePoint deploy and looks at how to architect a SharePoint environment that incorporates high availability and disaster recovery techniques. Working knowledge of IIS, DNS, Active Directory, Kerberos and SQL is essential.

Farm Administration - SharePoint 2013

This course delivers material knowledge related to the planning, configuration and maintenance of small to medium scale SharePoint 2013 deployments. This is a practical and theory based course based on real world solutions to common scenarios such as understanding options available for backup and recovery and the use of maintenance and monitoring tools to ensure maximum performance and stability of the SharePoint environment. This course is structure to maximise the learning experience and return on investment.

Governance - SharePoint 2013

This training course delivers a definitive road map to highly effective long–term governance and best practices for governing SharePoint in your organisation. It will assist those responsible for creating a governance plan in developing a clear-cut road map for controlled management and a comprehensive plan for future growth, future deployments and expansion of SharePoint tools. The course incorporates business, operational and management needs into a governance plan that can help drive SharePoint decisions in the future.