Introducing Sheldon

A Microsoft technology based solution to make you more informed as a business

A Common Theme

The Sheldon suite of products was created in response to a common theme that emerged from our engagements with customers spanning Public sector, Utilities (Power, Water and Transport), Education, Construction, Primary Industries and Tourism/Hospitality service sectors.

A theme of existing investments in Microsoft technologies that have not been applied or utilized to their full potential.

All of these customers were looking for, or were already using, disparate technologies to address their needs related to Knowledge Management, Business Productivity, Compliance and Documents and Records Management.

Lack of

  • Consistency

  • Repeatability

  • Cohesiveness

  • Collaboration

Resulting in

  • Financial, legal and commercial risks

  • Efficiency downturn

  • Failure to reach economies of scale

  • Failure to rationalise investments

This resulted in fragmentation, lack of consistency, repeatability and the ability to function in a cohesive and collaborative manner.

These issues in turn exposed these organizations to a host of significant financial, legal and commercial risks, efficiency issues and lack of economies of scale and rationalisation with regards to investments, change management and operational procedures and processes.

Becoming Informed as a Business

Whether you are part of a public sector, commercial or non-commercial organization, it is important for you and your organization to retain the competitive edge in the market by providing innovative services and solutions to customers in an efficient and compliant manner. Becoming an informed business allows you to do exactly that while also enabling you to rapidly align yourself with emerging technological, industrial and social mega-trends.

Sheldon is a suite of SMART enterprise features, underpinned by Microsoft technologies, which act as accelerators for transforming your organization into an informed business.

Smart collaboration

With confidential or open communication options, aggregation of all message threads in one location (including revisions of all attachments and supporting information) and tracking of action statuses combined with enterprise wide, metrics and reports that provide in-depth insights will allow users in your organization to always have their finger on the pulse. Additionally, trends on audits and performance data such as process/step completion times plus historical view on what information is generated or captured significantly increases accountability while providing the transparency required for effective collaboration between multiple parties working on complex processes.

Smart checklists

Allowing rapid enablement of business processes by information and knowledge workers, in a manner that is repeatable and consistent, regardless of the complexity level, by leveraging a growing catalogue of industry specific, out of the box business practice processes that will be available for you to extend/localise to suit your specific needs.

Smart workspaces

Providing all the information within the context of the business process being worked on while ensuring that your whole team is on the same page and have access to the right information when required to make informed decisions.

Smart folders

Enabling effortless automated integration of metadata with documents, smart folders guarantee a smooth user experience without compromising on your organization’s records management needs.

Smart knowledge management

Effective SharePoint based knowledge management available for both Office 365 and On-Premise implementations of SharePoint, which includes Offline availability of content on devices through cross platform apps, with content being synchronized from SharePoint and other content repositories. This makes the information your organization has accumulated, accessible in the context it is required, when it is required.

Smart dashboards

Each user in your organization can have a unique set of information needs, based on their role. Smart dashboards provide users the ability to have a personalised portal to meet their day to day needs, ensuring increased productivity and consistency between multiple projects that they might be involved in. This also reduces training time as the consistent user experience ensures that all the key information is available at the user’s fingertips, regardless of the part of business process they are involved in.

Smart search

With the ability to associate custom metadata, Sheldon’s search offers smart filtering capabilities which when combined with an improved user interface, enable a streamlined and personalised experience that allows users to communicate, access and complete their actions with ease.

Smart navigation

The highly configurable smart navigation leverages and enhances the native SharePoint navigation framework to provide a quality user experience making all the information relevant to a particular user just one click away, resulting in productivity gains across the board.