Introducing Fulcrum

Smarter Construction Management starts here

A SMART Construction Management Solution.

Fulcrum is aligned to the global trends that are influencing the construction and infrastructure projects landscape and applies modern technological trends such as social and collaboration within the context of the complex construction and infrastructure projects delivery process.

Fulcrum is unique in the marketplace for it's breadth and depth and designed for organisations involved in large scale capital engineering and construction projects, and for the organisations from the service sectors depicted.

Finger on the Pulse.

Functional Modules

Whether it is to do with managing property and land acquisitions including liaison and consultation with multiple interested parties; managing interactions with special interest groups and communities; managing procurement related activities such as contracts management/negotiations; or managing issues and risks relating to health and safety, the functional modules enable key and critical business processes across the end to end project lifecycle.

  • Project Management
  • Property Management
  • Consents Management
  • As-Builds and Engineering Design Management
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Funding Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Management & Liaison

Product Features.

Functional modules are underpinned by enterprise-strength, robust, cross-cutting capabilities such as transmittals; document management and storage; workflow; information security and access; personalised workspaces and dashboards; auditing; reporting and versioning. These capabilities apply modern trends and themes such as social and collaboration within the context of key business processes, and offer effective management of system and technology related resources for optimum performance.

  • Private and Shared Portals at Portfolio, Programme, and Project level
  • Personalised Workspaces & Dashboards
  • Advanced Transmittals
  • Workflow
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management & Storage
  • Versioning and Audit History
  • Secure, federated access across internal and external parties
  • Supports both On Premise and Off Premise Hosting Options

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Organisations required to manage capital infrastructure and construction projects in a compliant, transparent and efficient manner. Typically, these organisations are from the Resource, Industrial, Utility, Construction and Transport industry sectors.

Fulcrum goes beyond the standard project management solution. It provides an end to end collaboration platform with specialist functional modules that offer an integrated and seamless experience to all parties involved. Fulcrum offers the flexibility to accommodate the requirements and processes that are unique to each customer.

Yes, Fulcrum fully supports internal and external collaboration across all parties in a safe, secure, compliant, auditable and transparent manner. Whether it is to do with dialogues involving procurement, risk management, property management, design, as-built, or consultation with special interest groups or communities, fulcrum offers an integrated collaborative experience across all modules for both internal as well as external stakeholders and third parties.

Fulcrum offers a range of APIs and interfaces to support integration with third party systems or solutions. Fulcrum is designed to help organisations leverage their existing investments in technology and information. Typically, these systems or tools span: GIS, ERP, asset management, third party project management systems, modelling & design tools, identity & access management and data warehouses, etc.

Fulcrum can be deployed within the customer’s environment or provided as a hosted solution. Fulcrum is Office 365 compliant and can be offered under a subscription based model.

All information including documents, records, and dialogues/interactions with all parties, metadata associated with workflows and business processes, audit and security logs belong to the customer at all times. For on premise installations all information and data is held at customer’s data centre.

Yes, this is one of the key strengths of Fulcrum. Whether it is to do with your organisational procurement processes, project management methodologies or business processes for managing property/land acquisitions etc., Fulcrum can be configured to meet your requirements. These configurations can be templates for repeatable use across other projects for your organisation ensuring standardisation and consistency.

There are several factors that affect pricing. Our friendly team will be able to work with you in offering a cost effective solution that is aligned to your unique requirements and context.

Yes, 24/7 support is available and comes with multiple support options.

Fulcrum supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer (IE10, IE11) and Google Chrome.