Introducing CitiZen

A digital self-service platform for Local Government

The Platform.

CitiZen is a sophisticated online platform used by district and city councils across New Zealand to enable more seamless and efficient delivery of council services to users.

Developed "by council, for council", CitiZen is a software as a service solution that reduces the cost of service delivery in both the front and back office and facilitates cross–council collaboration and cost sharing.

A digital self service platform

for Local Government.

With a vision to transform the way Local Government organisations engage their customers in a safe, secure and transparent manner, CitiZen was built for Councils by Councils with LeapThought being the development, commercial and implementation partner. CitiZen is the first of its kind to offer a broad range of services for a diverse range of Local Government Customer segments.

Offered under the SaaS model, CitiZen is a multi-tenanted platform successfully used by District and City Councils, hosted on Revera's all-of government approved data centre facilities and implemented to industry strength best practices for security, availability and scalability.

Supports both On Premise and Off Premise Hosting Options.

At an affordable monthly hosted fee and no upfront capital investment, Councils are able to offer their customers a proven, comprehensive, low-risk based, first of its kind digital Self-service platform.

Benefits to Councils.

Cost Reduction

  • Reduces phone, mail and over the counter interactions

  • Automates back office processing

  • Reduces CAPEX and OPEX budgets

  • Helps achieve economies of Scale

Better Customer Experience

  • Provides channel choice eg. desktop, mobile, chat, SMS

  • Improves user experience, transparency, faster processing

  • Improves data accuracy, reduces duplication, errors and rework

  • Secure, transparent and reliable

Citizen Features.

Service Modules

  • Customer Portal

  • Property and Rates

  • Other Payments

  • Dog Registrations

  • Independent Qualified Person (IQP)

  • Regulated Businesses

  • Food Premises

  • Liquor Licensing

  • Consents

Product Features

  • Catalogue of preconfigured online services

  • Seamless user experience underpinned by standardised processes

  • Out of box integration with back end regulatory systems

  • Council driven governance and product roadmap

  • Hosted SaaS subscription model utilising Government IaaS

To enquire about pricing, organising a demo and or to discuss our proven implementation approach and rollout, please contact us on +64 9 280 3832 or email us on .

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What Clients Say.

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

CitiZen provides a diverse set of bidirectional APIs that can be consumed by external systems. CitiZen currently is being used by Councils with different regulatory systems with varying degrees of integration support.

Document and Records Management systems, Regulatory Systems, GIS, Datawarehouses, Financial Systems, Payment Gateways, CRM systems.

CitiZen is designed to support different payment gateways as each tenant prefers to integrate with their own payment gateway. CitiZen also supports POLi payments.

Yes, CitiZen supports single sign on and supports federation with a diverse range of Identity Providers. CitiZen also leverages DIA's all-of government RealMe service for federated authentication for New Zealand customers.

All the existing customers of CitiZen have realised substantial tangible benefits that we are able to share - please contact us to learn more.

CitiZen is hosted with Revera on an all-of government infrastructure with Auckland being the primary and Wellington being the secondary hosting locations.

CitiZen comes with a comprehensive 24/7 support with industry strength RPO and RTOs.