A seamless user Authentication solution

Customers demand a frictionless experience from online services and are increasingly turned off by those that require users to create and maintain a specific username and password for your service.

Similarly, businesses that need to integrate their web applications with partners often run into difficulty when they use different authentication protocols eg. WS-Federation vs SAML 2.0

Authentic is a software component which solves these problems by enabling a single sign on experience across multiple applications with an online identity the customers already have including RealMe, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Active Directory (ADFS). This reduces customer effort and frustration whilst lowering helpdesk at IT development costs.

Not all identity providers utilise the same claims based authentication technology and, as a consequence, are not able to interact with other websites natively.

AuthenTic eliminates this constraint by acting as a broker between the web application(s) and multiple identity providers.


  • SAML-P
  • WS-Federation
  • SAML tokens v 2.0
  • Passive browser profile with protocol transition options

AuthenTic Features

RealMe Ready

AuthenTic provides out of the box support RealMe - the new digital identity service from the Department of Internal Affairs. It is already integrated into CitiZen - our digital service platform for Local Government - enabling ratepayers and business owners to interact seamlessly with their local council using their RealMe credentials.

Multiple Identity Providers

AuthenTic can be configured to integrate with a range of identity providers including RealMe, Facebook, Google, Windows Live or customer client identity services/software. It also can be configured to use one or more identity providers to access the same application and acts as a bridge between federated servers that cannot communicate directly.

Single Sign-on

AuthenTic can be used to provide a single sign-on (SSO) experience across diverse set of systems and applications. This means user is not prompted to log in again for each application even in cases where the applications are provided by different organisations. AuthenTic is used as a centralised authentication mechanism for use by applications and systems.

Single or Multi-Tenancy

AuthenTic is designed to operate in both single and multi-tenanted environments, and can be configured with minimal effort.

Claims-based Authentication

AuthenTic utilises claims-based authentication, i.e. authenticates users based on a set of claims contained in a Federated Login Token. This token is issued and signed by user's identity provider which, in turn, is trusted by AuthenTic on behalf of the service or application requiring authentication. It uses a claims-based access control authorisation model to maintain application security and implements federated identity using SAML v2.0.

Ease of Implementation

AuthenTic is a cost effective solution that enables quick and seamless integration of one or more identity providers into custom or off-the-shelf software solutions. Future development costs and SDLC timeframes are reduced through leveraging the standard authentication methodologies provided by AuthenTic.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Google, Facebook, RealMe (for NZ), Active Directory, Windows Live.

Yes, as an example: this enables federation between corporate applications or systems using Active Directory with externally hosted systems or applications to offer seamless logon experience to the users.

No, however, it uses claims-based authorisation model to maintain application security and implements federated identity using SAML 2.0.

It is provided as a hosted service under a subscription based model or can be provided as a package to be deployed locally or with your preferred hosting vendor.

Yes, there are case studies and client references that we can provide - please contact us on +64 9 280 3832 or for more information.

Yes, there is a 24/7 support facility depending on the type of license - please contact us on +64 9 280 3832 or for more information..

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